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No-Hassle Concrete Foundation Repair in Montgomery, Alabama

Are you dealing with cement foundation damages and don't know how to fix them? No worries! Our company has been banging out concrete foundation repairs in Montgomery since 2012. We have experience in every type of repair solution, such as slab jacking, helical pier placement, and crack filling.

The first thing our foundation repair company will do is hook you up with a zero-cost inspection. Next, we need to dive deep into your foundation damages to uncover how they began in the first place. Doing so allows us to repair the foundation as a whole, which is a more long-term solution than simply placing a bandaid fix on the surface damage. Next, we'll give you a fair and affordable FREE estimate.

There are never any guessing games or hidden fees when you hire us. Just pure, all-American hard work and dedication. Are you ready to get started? We can be reached via phone, email, or our online contact form.

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What Types of Concrete Foundation Repair are There?

Fixing things like home foundation cracks in Montgomery require specialized care plans. No two properties are exactly alike because they're built on different soil, vary in age, and have many other unique characteristics. That's why we offer a variety of repair methods such as:

  • Slab Jacking / House Leveling - You may have heard of the two repair methods as mud jacking, too. The concept of the three is the same in that when leveling a home; we are aiming to place the concrete foundation as close to the original position as possible. 
  • Patching & Sealing - When a concrete slab has weak areas, sometimes adding a masonry patch or sealant is all that is needed to reinforce its strength. Drying times usually take around 24-hours.
  • Polyurethane Foam Injection - When cracks are present we can apply polyurethane injectables to fill the gaps and stabilize the area. We usually use injectables as a temporary solution, so the problem does not worsen while other long-term methods are being prepared.
  • Piers & Piling - Segmented, spot, helical, concrete, and steel piers are all ways to "pile" under the foundation by creating stability and reinforcing the area with additional strength. Your type of foundation, its damages, and your budget determine the pier style that is used.

We are happy to present our customers with multiple options in terms of concrete foundation repair in Montgomery AL. If you'd like to learn more about the methods, we recommend browsing our company blog space.

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Are You Experiencing Concrete Foundation Damages in Montgomery? Call Now!

It can be overwhelming to realize that you have foundation damages that require immediate attention. However, things like concrete leveling in Montgomery, AL, should not be put off until a later date. We encourage you to reach out to a licensed and insured foundation repair specialist as soon as possible to avoid other structural damages.

When you begin noticing sloping floors, bowing walls, or windows and doors failing to operate correctly, it is a sign that the foundation damages have crept into your other structures. When that happens, you are looking at a much larger repair bill. We don't want to see that happen to you.

In the severest of cases, homeowners can actually become displaced from their home as it is deemed no longer safe in which to dwell. The great news is our company can catch damages quickly through routine inspections and get your Montgomery concrete foundation repaired before any significant issues occur.

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We're the Crew to Call for Montgomery Concrete Foundation Repair

Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros is a dedicated company that believes all home and business owners should have access to affordable concrete services. After all, your foundation is the very base of your building. It's the bedrock of any structure, and it keeps all other components in check.

When the foundation fails, so does everything else. Our job is to provide high-quality, reliable, and fast services for residential and commercial customers. Do you have a concrete foundation emergency? Please feel free to call us 24/7 for emergency help. We are always available when you need us most, guaranteed!



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"I had heard horror stories about foundation repair companies. But, what a breeze Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros made the entire process. From start to finish, they answered all my questions and walked me through their repair. Thanks again!"
- Mick J.

Have You Explored Our Other Montgomery, AL Foundation Repair Services?

We offer full-scale foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space care, and targeted commercial services that are affordable and easy to obtain. We'll schedule you for a no-strings-attached inspection and estimate when you call us today.

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Dealing with commercial and residential foundation problems is never a good time! Our team will get to the bottom of the issue and quickly fix it for your peace of mind.  Call us at (334) 344-7711
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