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Did you know that even the smallest crack on your foundation can lead to costly repairs if not quickly addressed? Our team of Montgomery foundation crack repair experts exists to help you avoid structural damages due to a faulty foundation.

It's important to remember that not all racks are equal. Some require no intervention, while others may signal a need for house leveling. The only way to truly know what the cracks on your foundation mean is by hiring a licensed and experienced contractor to make that determination.

Our company has an excellent reputation within the community for hard work and affordability. We offer no-cost inspection and estimates for residential and commercial customers. It's our hope that you trust our team with all of your foundation repair needs. We won't let you down.

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Only GREAT Things Come From Professional Crack Repair 

There are many benefits to having your foundation cracks repaired by an experienced contractor from our team here in Montgomery, AL. Check out some of the solutions that we offer for all types of foundations:

  • Installation of piers that stabilize basement foundations from sinking into the soil.
  • Wall anchoring devices that stop foundation walls from heaving, frost damage, and tree root intrusion.
  • Polyurethane foam injection into existing cracks that repair the problem and prevent it from getting worse. 

All of the above treatments are meant to prevent and repair cracks in concrete slab or pier and beam foundations. Why is it so important to tackle cracks head-on?

  • Cracks can indicate a bigger problem with your foundation. Fixing them increases the stability and functionality of the foundation and prolongs its life.
  • Addressing foundation cracks promptly deters further damages from happening to the framework and structure of your home.
  • Professional contractors explore the cracks they find and figure out the root cause of the problem so that the repairs are long-lasting and damages do not reoccur.

If you notice cracks on the exterior or interior foundation of your home, please give our team a call for a FREE inspection for foundation repair services. We'll let you know what's causing the problem and develop a reliable repair plan.

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Got Foundation Cracks in Montgomery? Our Repair Team is Standing By!

Have you ever had an infection that you waited too long to get treatment for? Chances are the problem didn't clear up on its own, and the longer you waited to see your doctor, the worse the problem got. The same thing is true when it comes to foundation cracks.

We are the physicians of foundation repair in Montgomery. The worst thing a homeowner can do is neglect the cracks because they will only worsen and affect your house's other components. It's true that not all cracks lead to problems, especially hairline fractures. However, it takes a trained eye to come to that conclusion.

Our crack inspections are FREE, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by having our contractors take a look. If your windows and doors are not functioning correctly, you've got sloping floors, bowing walls, and a leaky basement, it's a good indication that your foundation's cracks have already started deteriorating the rest of your structure. Call us today without delay!

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We're Your Neighborhood Foundation Crack Repair Experts

As a fully licensed and insured concrete foundation repair company in Montgomery, Alabama, we follow all state and local regulations concerning building codes and more. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and safety. Not all foundations are built the same, and older models require different repair methods and treatments.

We value your time and loyalty to our company which is why we work quickly and efficiently to get the job done ASAP. In addition to showing our customers how much we appreciate their business, we aim to keep our costs affordable.

Requiring foundation crack repair is no joke, and it's a needed service. We work with our customers on payment options that work for their budgets, and we also file insurance claims on their behalf. Are you interested in learning more about our company? Please visit our blog today.



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"I had heard horror stories about foundation repair companies. But, what a breeze Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros made the entire process. From start to finish, they answered all my questions and walked me through their repair. Thanks again!"
- Mick J.

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Are you dealing with residential or commercial foundation damages? We have an affordable solution to meet your needs! First of all, we offer full-scale repair on concrete slab and pier & beam foundations. Our contractors specialize in all types of waterproofing methods for basements and crawl spaces to ensure they stay fully functional and safe. Contact us now to set up an appointment.

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Dealing with commercial and residential foundation problems is never a good time! Our team will get to the bottom of the issue and quickly fix it for your peace of mind.  Call us at (334) 344-7711
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