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Cracks, leaks, and shifting soil don't stand a chance against our Montgomery home foundation repair contractors. Since 2012, we've been applying industry-leading fixes to all types of foundations, including cement slabs and pier & beam. Our goal is to keep your home standing tall on solid ground. You can count on our contractors to use the highest quality of tools, equipment, and materials so that they get the job done right the first time.

Although we tend to use tried and true residential foundation repair methods, should something new and more modern arise, we'll give it a try. We only want the best services for our customers. The foundation of your home is the most important component of the structure. When the foundation has problems, the rest of your residence will follow suit. You'll start seeing framework issues, interior inconveniences, and even damages affecting your roof!

So, in order to prevent all of those things from happening, we work fast and efficiently to correct all underlying and surface issues that your foundation exhibits. Are you ready to get started with a FREE inspection and estimate? Please, call, email, or fill out our handy online contact form to book an appointment with Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros.

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What are the Methods of Residential Foundation Repair?

Truthfully, it all depends on the type of foundation you have the severity of the damages. However, we want you to know that we have a plan for you, and your foundation will be as good as new soon! Here are some of the most common methods that we use:

  • Underpinning - This method is robust and reliable. It works to add depth to a foundation and to fix significant damages. We use a few different underpinning methods, including mass pouring, screw piles & brackets, pile & beam, and piled raft.
  • Jacketing - When foundations have columns that require strengthening we typically use jacketing of foundations by creating a concrete "jacket" to surround the walls.
  • Mudjacking - This method is often used for smaller areas of the foundation like porches, steps, and walkways. We use cement and other materials that r injected into small holes of the foundation to add strength and repair cracks.
  • House Leveling - when a home's foundation is sinking and shifting due to soil erosion, we will use house leveling services to return the foundation as close as possible to its original position.

It doesn't matter how extensive your foundation damages are; we'll find a solution to repairing them. As a fully licensed and insured business, we've taken every step to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

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When Your Home Foundation Fails, it's Time to Call Our Contractors

When you require house foundation repair in Montgomery, Alabama, we implore you to reach out for services sooner rather than later. You see, even when you can't see the damages or they aren't affecting your life, that doesn't mean the problem isn't worsening below the surface.

Once homeowners begin experiencing inconveniences like windows and doors not working correctly, basement flooding, or cracks that extend all the way up the side of the home, it is a clear indication that the damages have reached a new level of destruction. That's why it is imperative you reach out to us at the very first sign of there being a problem.

We'd also like to mention that routine inspections thwart damages before they become problematic, so we always advise our potential customers to have an evaluation at least every couple of years. Did you know that our inspections are FREE of charge? You have nothing to lose by having one. So, how about we get in front of your foundation damages before they start costing you loads of money in other structural repairs? Contact our expert foundation repair company today!

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Top-Rated House Foundation Repair for Montgomery Homes 

The Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that the home you live in should be safe and secure. However, when the home's foundation is damaged, it is unable to function correctly, causing all sorts of issues to creep up. Cracked foundations are notorious for springing leaks in the basement or crawl space area.

When leaks occur, mold and mildew are not far behind. Having mold in the innermost parts of your home can be a significant health hazard. Sometimes, you don't even know that it's there until you have a full-blown infestation! Speaking of infestations, faulty foundations can invite insects and critters into your home, which is never a good time.

So, as you can see, we value excellent foundation repair services that are affordable and easy to get. Do you have an emergency foundation issue that needs our attention right now? We're here to serve you 24/7. Please call us when you need us most, and we'll be there to help, guaranteed.



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"I had heard horror stories about foundation repair companies. But, what a breeze Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros made the entire process. From start to finish, they answered all my questions and walked me through their repair. Thanks again!"
- Mick J.

We Make Getting Foundation Repair in Montgomery, AL, EASY!

Are you dealing with a leaky basement, crawl space issues, or cracks in your residential or commercial foundation? We invite you to call the Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros for a no-obligation inspection. The sooner we complete foundation repair, the quicker we can solve its problems. We work with insurances companies and file claims on behalf of our customers.

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Dealing with commercial and residential foundation problems is never a good time! Our team will get to the bottom of the issue and quickly fix it for your peace of mind.  Call us at (334) 344-7711
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