Substantial Slab Jacking for Montgomery AL Homes and Businesses

Slab Jacking Montgomery - Putting Foundations Back Together Again!

Do you feel like you're going crazy because your house seems like it's slightly tipped? We assure you that you're not losing your mind! It's likely that your concrete slabs are shifting beneath your home, causing the foundation to be improperly balanced. Is there anything that can be done to fix that? Yes! Slab jacking Montgomery is an incredible service that our company offers.

It quickly and effectively resolves the problem without a huge mess, and you retain the color of your slabs. So, how do you know whether you need slab jacking services? We'll send a seasoned structural engineer to your property to perform a free inspection and make the appropriate recommendations. It's that simple. Call Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros today!

*Slab jacking foundation services available, weather permitting.

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Did You Know Slab Jacking is One of the Easiest Foundation Fixes?

We know it sounds daunting and invasive, but slab jacking is a much more straightforward process than concrete replacement. Plus, you don't need to leave your house to do it! So let's check out a few other benefits of slab jacking:

  • Slab jacking can be completed in almost any weather.
  • You'll find the process to be quick and non-disruptive, we promise!
  • There is far less mess with slab jacking than with replacement services.
  • Did you know know that slab jacking saves you money?
  • We often have slab jacking services wrapped up within a day or two.
  • The color of your slabs won't change.

Slab jacking is always our first line of defense when a foundation needs to reset unless the inspection reveals another more suitable repair method. Have you scheduled your appointment yet?

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Don't Ignore the Signs - Call for House Leveling Now!

It's important not to ignore the signs of a sloping foundation. Professional house leveling in Montgomery, AL, is an essential service we commonly perform. There are a few telltale signs that your foundation is settling too deeply into the soil, ranging from windows and doors not operating correctly to sloping floors & bowing walls.

The best way to determine what is happening beneath your home or business is by having an expert inspection performed by a structural engineer. From there, a repair plan can be drafted. Making sure your building stands on solid ground is part of responsible property ownership. After all, the foundation is an essential part of your structure.

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Seeking Slab Jacking in Montgomery? You've Found It!

As experienced, licensed contractors, you can trust Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros to effectively repair your concrete foundation with slab jacking techniques, no matter how big the job. We only use top-quality tools and materials to ensure your foundation is perfectly set. The longer an unstable foundation is ignored, the worse the structural problems will become. So save yourself time and money by contacting us today for prompt slab jacking services. You'll be glad that you did! We can be easily reached via our online contact form.



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"I had heard horror stories about foundation repair companies. But, what a breeze Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros made the entire process. From start to finish, they answered all my questions and walked me through their repair. Thanks again!"
- Mick J.

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