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Wet basement or crawl space? No problem! We handle them both.

Nothing good can come from a leaky basement or crawl space as this moisture can cause a lot of problems with your foundation and the overall framework of your home. Waterproofing services in Montgomery are necessary when problems like that arise. 

Plus, a home with a wet basement can be very difficult to sell as buyers don't want to invest in a house that has cracks and leaks present in its foundation. You may even have a hard time getting an appraiser to sign off on a home with those issues.

At Montgomery Foundation Repair Pros, we offer high-quality waterproofing solutions like French drain and sump pump installation. Do you have questions for our team? Call us now for a FREE inspection.

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Expert Waterproofing Services in Montgomery

Professional Basement Waterproofing for Your Montgomery Home

Basement waterproofing in Montgomery, AL, is an important step that homeowners should take seriously. When standing water is allowed to exist in the basement, it can cause mold growth, foul odors, and even health hazards. The top reasons for moisture in the basement are:

  • The Clay Bowl Effect: When soil pulls away from the foundation's sides and allows for water to collect and put pressure on the concrete, causing cracks.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: The soil around your home becomes soaked with water, expands, and puts pressure on the foundation allowing water to seep in any available opening, including cracks around pipes and windows.

We use a variety of waterproofing methods for your basement, including vapor barrier systems and polyurethane injections. Our team will discover the best course of action to take on your basement after a thorough inspection.

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Effective Crawl Space Waterproofing in Montgomery, AL

The crawl space is an area underneath your home that lies a few feet from your house's first floor. This area typically has a dirt floor and can be used for dry storage when the appropriate measures are taken. Here are two main ways that our technicians can waterproof your Montgomery crawl spaces:

  • Encapsulation: A complete encasement of the crawl space with heavy-duty tarping that seals off the area altogether, rendering it unusable but also completely free of moisture.
  • Vapor Barriers: Using sheet plastic, the crawl space floor is covered to decrease moisture significantly, but not completely. The crawl space's opening is left intact, so the area can still be used as a storage unit.

Making sure your crawl space is professionally waterproofed means you will reduce your risk of developing mold & mildew, acrid odors, and won't attract insects that like moisture. Our team is happy to put you on our schedule for one of these services!

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French Drain Installation is Part of Our Montgomery Waterproofing Methods

A French drain is a product that diverts water away from your foundation. The installation process involves digging a trench along the property's slope and covering it with small stones or gravel. Benefits of having a French drain system include:

  • You can dictate where you want the runoff water to drain on your property
  • French drains are cost-effective
  • In many cases, French drains are attractive because they are hidden by gravel
  • Having a French drain is an extremely effective way to divert water away from your home

We want you to know that French drains are easy to install and the job can be complete within a day. However, we highly recommend that you let a professional company like ours install the system for you versus going at it with a DIY approach. There are specific ways that the drain needs to be installed in order to work properly. Want to know more? Check out our blog!

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Quick & Easy Montgomery Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation in Montgomery is one of the most common forms of waterproofing that we procure. A sump pump effectively removes water from your basement and diverts it back outside and away from your home. When your sump pump is properly working, you should never have standing water in your basement.

Depending not the size of your basement, you might need two sump pumps working in tandem to ensure adequate results. If you have had a flood and your basement is filled with water, this is another instance where more than one sump pump might be required.

Our faithful contractors will be able to determine what size and style of sump pump is best for your situation during your FREE inspection.

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Our Montgomery Waterproofing Service Areas

We enjoy making our waterproofing services available to local service areas in Montgomery and the surrounding areas of Millbrook, Wetumpka, Prattville, Mount Meigs, and Blue Ridge. If you're having issues with moisture in your basement or crawl space, please reach out to our team, and we'll be happy to inspect the areas for you and provide rock-solid solutions.

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